Ramen-ya reviewed

Ramen-ya reviewed


Mr Ramen San: One of the best ramen-ya in Australia. Mr Ramen San serves an innovative green tea twist to his tsukemen and some very impressive bowls of Kyushu-style tonkotsu ramen that will absolutely delight hardened ramen fanatics.

Hakataya Ramen: one of Australia’s ramen pioneers this Brisbane ramen-ya makes a solid tonkotsu broth true to Fukuoka’s nagahama style.

Shujinko: A popular Melbourne ramen-ya where you can get a ramen fix 24-hours a day (and you will only find that in Japan)! Tsukemen needs more work so its true to form.

Menya Noodle Bar: Perhaps the best value ramen in Sydney – the Menya tonkatsu shoyu ramen at a mere $10 – a lip-puckering flavoursome soup with tons of toppings. Cash only and can often be busy so be prepared to sit next to strangers.

Gumshara: This is die hard rocker ramen – big, bold and loud and dressed in leather with a big monstrous mouthfeel that lasts for hours. It may be a little bit loud or grungy for some but Gumshara can tone the volume down.

Ichibanboshi: Sydney’s Ichibanboshi is the grand-daddy that was responsible for opening Sydney-siders to the ramen more than 20 years ago and is serving decent bowls that would be the envy of newcomers seeking perfection.

Ra Ra: With the use of free range and organic produce Ra Ra produces a first-class silky tonkotsu where the ingredients shine.

Hakata Gensuke: Believe the hype – Melbourne’s Hakata Gensuke delivers a near perfect Hakata style ramen and it’s no wonder why there seems to be a never-ending queue of zealots waiting along Russell Street to get in.


Red Dragon Ramen: Bali’s Red Dragon Ramen prides itself in serving Yokohama-style Ramen and offering a variety of ramen classics and a lighter tonkotsu style perfect for Bali’s tropical climate.


Mugi To Olive (むぎとオリーブ) – In Tokyo’s sophisticated Ginza area, Muji to Olive’s triple soba ramen with clams, sous vide chicken and niboshi is simply stunning which why this Tokyo ramen-ya has been awarded Michelin’s Prestigious Bib Gourmand Award three times.

Taishoken in Higashi-Ikeukuro (東池袋大勝軒) – Taking tsukemen at Taishoken is a rite – to pay your respects to the God of Ramen – Yamagishi-san – and to dip and slurp at tsukemen’s high church – and that’s what makes the bowl here so special.


Ramen O-San: Ramen O-San Bar is tonkotsu for seasoned ramen zealots – it’s big and loud and thick and mean and would intimate first timers. One of the thickest tonkotsu ramens in town. *CLOSED (BUT TOYODA-SAN has opened TONTARO RAMEN IN SUSSEX STREET)*